computer network

In this global of Digitization, each day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of statistics at our modern pace. The tempo is only accelerating with the increase of the internet of factors very well understand as IoT. nowadays we’ve got three.2 billion people the usage of the internet so we can simply issue the variety of statistics that we switch or create every day. The technique of record transfer from one node to any other node is all due to computer Networking. here node is known as a conversation endpoint. A pc network may be described as a virtual telecommunication community to share sources among nodes thru laptop gadgets.


A router is taken into consideration as a layer-three tool. The router can be defined as a small electronic device that sits between your modem and computer.
the function of a router is to gather the statistics from Modem and deliver the equal to pc. A router is attached to two or extra statistics strains from distinct IP networks.


Port is referred to as the endpoint of verbal exchange inside the community.
Port can also be outlined as logical assemble which helps to discover a specific technique or a type of network carrier.
A port number is a sixteen-bit unsigned integer it ranges from zero to 65535.
For TCP port range is reserved and is zero.
For UDP, the supply port is non-obligatory, and a fee of zero methods is no port.
not unusual port numbers
Port wide variety of mission
20 document transfer Protocol (FTP) statistics transfer
21 file transfer Protocol (FTP) Command manage
22 comfy Shell (SSH) comfortable Login
23 Telnet far-off login carrier, unencrypted text messages
25 simple Mail switch Protocol (SMTP) electronic mail routing
fifty-three area call gadget (DNS) provider
67, 68 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
eighty Hypertext Transfer Protocols (HTTP) used within the world wide web
110 submit Office Protocol (POP3)
119 network information transfer Protocol (NNTP)
123 community Time Protocol (NTP)
143 internet Messages get entry to Protocol (IMAP) control of virtual mail
161 easy community control Protocol (SNMP)
194 net Relay Chat (IRC)
443 HTTP relaxed (HTTPS) HTTP over TLS/SSL


Hub is an electronic hardware tool that runs a computer network.

A hub consists of more than one port.

A not unusual connection factor of a tool in a community is known as a Hub.
to connect segments of a LAN we use a HUB.

when packets land on one port, it is copied to the alternative ports so can all segments of the LAN can see all packets, without looking at the IP address for the statistics’ vacation spot.
There are three sorts of networks HUB, energetic, passive, and shrewd.
Hub is straightforward hardware and may be configured effortlessly.


A transfer can be defined as a tool in a computer-machine community that connects different gadgets collectively.

To enable verbal exchange between extraordinary networked gadgets, more than one facts cable is plugged right into a switch.

Switches are responsible to manage the flow of records over a network with the aid of transmitting a received community packet. each device related inside the network to a switch may be recognized by means of its network cope.

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