How To Monitor Files On Your Linux Server

WebMin (contraction of Web and Admin) offers a simplified administration solution for a Linux server from a graphical interface accessible via a web browser (remote administration possible). Thereafter, it is responsible for generating the associated configuration files, all without having to play the command line.

Open source, free and extensible, it has all the tools dreamed of by an administrator. In addition, many translations are available, including French (please select the (UTF-8 version ) to avoid any problems with character encoding.

It is capable of discovering on the fly the current configuration of your server in order to adapt its interface by proposing dedicated configuration areas.

Although the interface facilitates administrative tasks, these tasks retain the same risk as via the command interface (terminal). Therefore, it can only be recommended that you seek the expertise of a specialist before clicking on anything that you may not understand.

Some features offered by WebMin:

  • Creation of new user and group accounts
  • Disk quota management
  • Installation of modules directly via the interface ( Un-used Modules –  download and installation with APT for example).
    In this case, the commands executed can be viewed directly from the web interface, with the execution stack and the result. What keeps a right of scrutiny?
  • Apache: creating virtual hosts, stopping/restarting the server
  • MySQL: the creation of databases, creation of user authorizations, stop/restart of the server
  • CRON tasks (automatic)
  • safeguard

The big advantage of this tool is that it allows heterogeneous fleet management. Whether you have an Ubuntu, Debian, or Fedora, or distribution, you can install it, and still use it, without having to refer to the documentation ( man ) since everything goes through the graphical interface.

Obviously, certain advanced configurations cannot be directly carried out by WebMin, but for 90% of the cases it turns out to be operational.

By anup