Connect to the server via RDP

Restore Plesk Administrator and service accounts:

plesk sbin usermng –install-plesk-admin
plesk sbin usermng –install-psaadm
plesk sbin usermng –install-service-accounts

Restore Plesk user groups:

plesk sbin usermng –install-panel-users-group

Restore system users for all subscriptions:

plesk bin repair –repair-all-webspaces-system-users

Sync passwords with the system users:

plesk bin repair –synchronize-impersonation-storage

Create File Sharing users:

plesk sbin websrvmng –create-fs-users

Restore anonymous accounts:

plesk sbin websrvmng –configure-anonymous-access

Reconfigure Plesk IIS sites:

plesk sbin websrvmng –configure-plesk-website

Repair IIS bindings:

plesk repair –web -y

Sync Application Pools passwords

plesk sbin websrvmng –update-accounts-password

Repair site preview:

plesk bin repair –reconfigure-site-preview

Repair FTP sites:

plesk bin repair –reconfigure-ftp-sites

Fix Windows Registry permissions

plesk sbin ApplySecurity –apply-to-plesk-registry
plesk sbin ApplySecurity –apply

Restart Plesk services:

plesk sbin plesksrv -restart

Recreate MailEnable users IME_ADMIN and IME_USER:

Start the MailEnable Installer:

“%plesk_dir%\Mail Servers\Mail Enable\Bin\MEInstaller.exe”


“C:\Program Files (x86)\Mail Enable\Bin\MEInstaller.exe”

Select the second entry (Web application reconfigure)

Enter the new password for system users and click on Ok

Select (MailEnable WebMail) MailEnable Webmail IIS binding for webmail and click Next

Uncheck Configure web admin as an IIS Virtual Directory and click on Next

By anup