How to enable update now button awstats?

There are two methods of enabling the Update Now button for AWStats:

1] First method is Via WHM control panel
2] Second method is Via SSH Root Login

1) Via WHM control panel

Step 1: Login to your server using the root password.
Step 2: Go to Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings
Step 3: Hit the “Stats and Logs” to get the options listed under it.
Step 4: Search for “Allows users to update AWstats from cPanel” on the page and select the “On” button on the right side of the page and save the settings.

2) via SSH Root Login

Step 1: Login to your server using the root password.
Step 2: Specify the following path to open the users Awstats directory.


Step 3: In the above directory, search for “” file and edit the file using an editor. We have used vi editor.

# vi

Step 4: Find the following line in that file and change the value from zero (0) to (1) to enable the “Update now” option. Note that the value “1” enables the option and value “0” disables the option.


To enable change the value to “1”.

Step 5: Enter the following command to save the settings and quit the editor:

esc :wq!

Step 6: You need to run the following script for changes to take effect:

#/scripts/runweblogs username

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