How to add a SRV record

SRV records provide a standard way of allowing services to use different values, and for a program to determine what those connection values are.

how to add a SRV record to your domain’s DNS configuration. SRV records are used to locate services, such as email servers and VoIP gateways. This step-by-step guide covers the basics of adding a SRV record, including the syntax of the record and the values that you need to provide.

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As per the Wikipedia page, the format will look like this: TTL class SRV priority weight port target

We’ll use their example: 86400 IN SRV 0 5 5060

The red portion goes onto the left side of the SRV record in DA, and the blue portion goes onto the right side (DA sets the TTL automatically for you)

The Red portion of the contains the service, protocol, and name, in that order, separated by the period ‘.’ character.

In the above example, the values match up as follows:

service:  _sip
protocol: _tcp

priority: 0
weight:   5
port:     5060

Note that the “name” value will always match the name of the zone.
As such, these 2 left-side values are equivalent, and either could be used:

where any left-side value that does not end with a period ‘.’ will have the zone name appended to the end.

The “target” value can be any domain value, but should resolve using an A or CNAME record.
The same rule about the value ending in a period applies, and would be mandatory if the target is on a different domain name.

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