If the database is not exists in cpanel after update of cpanel software, then first you have to make sure that database is available on server. But if it exists on server and not showing on cpanel server then it happened just because of database mapping. To resolve this issue you have to rebuild database map. In this article we are going to explain about to solve this issue but for that it is must to have root access of server. Let’s see how to solve this:

1. Login to your server via SSH.

2. Then check for the details of database whether they are listed in this file or not.


3. If you can’t find out database details in this file then you have to enter below command to fix this problem:


4. You have to check for cpanel and database then should be here.

5. If the database listing is 0 here then you have to enter the below command to fix this issue:


6. If the above command is not works then you have to enter following commands:

/scripts/upcp –force
/scripts/checkperlmodules –force

By anup